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Why Abunda?

Abunda makes it easy for consumers to finance any product on Amazon, in the form of simple monthly payments.

70% of consumers use YouTube for shopping inspiration, however, more than a third prefer to finance their purchases. Offering Abunda as an alternative purchasing method to your audience can increase conversion by up to 40%.

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We recommend adding Abunda links to the descriptions of your videos. That's where people look when they are ready to make a purchase.

Be sure to let people know we offer a way to make monthly payments on products.


Earn 3% commission on successful referrals, for the lifetime of the customer.

Similar to Amazon, you will also earn on ALL qualifying purchases, not just the products you advertise.

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How many views per month do you receive on average?


What is the average cost of the products you promote?


You could earn an extra $ to $ per month*

*Based on an average click-through rate of 2% and a conversion rate of 2-5%. Does not include earnings from repeat customers. Assumes you already have other affiliate links in your description. Click-through would most likely be higher with only Abunda links.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any product on our site can be promoted, or in other words, any product on Amazon.

If you can't find a certain product on our site, you can simply paste in the Amazon URL to the "Create a Link" section of your affiliate dashboard. We will upload the product to Abunda and generate a link for you.

We offer various tools for creating links, which you will find in your affiliate dashboard. These include:

YouTube Video Links - Add your YouTube channel and we will automatically go through all of your past videos and create links for products you are promoting.

Single Links - Create a single link to a specific product.

Also, feel free to contact us at any time and we can help you with the link creation process.

Feel free to advertise your links anywhere you would like. However, we've seen the best results when links are added to the video description area, usually underneath your preexisting links.

Here is a picture example from one of our affiliate's descriptions:


We pay via PayPal on a weekly basis. There is no minimum threshold or other requirements to get paid.

Prefer a different payout method? Just let us know and we can work it out!

As long as a customer uses your link, it doesn't matter what they purchase. We pay on all orders!

Absolutely! After creating an account, you will be able to view clicks, orders, earnings, and more.

During checkout, customers are prompted to select a payment plan. If the customer is approved (this process happens instantly), the product is then shipped out immediately and they pay over time.

The plans we offer depend on various factors, such as the product cost and that customer's history with our service. The most two common types of payment plans are:

  1. Four interest-free installments
  2. 12-month loan, typically with an 11.99% APR

To read more about how everything works, feel free to check out our About page and FAQ page.

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